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Stop Complaining | Karben On Air # 8

I want to talk to you about something that bothers the hell out of me every time I look through my news feed online. I'm going to guess that this bothers a lot of other people as well. 

What the hell are you complaining about now?

It seems like so many people out there spend all their time complaining and making excuses for why they're not happy. People that dislike their lives seem to think that complaining will help to mend all the wrongs. They don't want to attempt the cumbersome task of making changes in their lives to actually fix it.

In looking over my news feed today, here's a couple common complaints that I see (summarized)

  • Why the hell is my wifi so slow?

  • I've been sitting in this drive-thru for 3 minutes now, what's going on?

  • 40 hours a week? I have to work 40 hours a week?

  • What's up with this weather?

  • Mondays....uhhhhhh!

  • Why do I have to wake up in the morning? What's up with that?

  • Hungover. Why can't I feel good after drinking the entire bar last night?

  • Why do I have to handle all these things that I'm supposed to handle?

  • I have 74,000 photos on my phone and now it's saying that it's full?

  • 6 minute delay on my flight, are you kidding me?

By my estimation, it seems like most of you actually have pretty great lives. You would never know that by looking at your news feed or listening to your conversations on a day-to-day basis. Instead, it sounds like your entire world is collapsing around you.

So, why don't you think for a second about some of the positive things in your life?

  • I would guess that if you're reading this, you probably have a phone or a computer to access this. That's pretty awesome.

  • I would assume that you have wifi or direct access to somewhere that does. The interwebs are pretty cool.

  • Maybe you have a roof over your head or access to one. Pretty cool thing that not everyone has.

  • I would think you also have someone that cares about you somewhere. Whether that be your significant other, a friend or family member. That's amazing but we always take it for granted.

We don't think about those things. Instead, we think about all the negative things happening in our lives. We just keep complaining about them over and over again. Subconsciously this is just making us more and more depressed. It's truly affecting our health and well-being.

One thing I can say with absolute certainty is that each one of you was born to be remarkable. Uniquely remarkable from everybody else out there. I'm not just saying that to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. As a human being, 100% of us were born to be phenomenal. We were born with all these skills and abilities that most of us probably don't even know about. That's because we're satisfied with just doing the bare minimum to get by. Despite just doing the bare minimum, we still find things to complain about.

"My life is terrible." "This is bullshit." How is that helping you? Think about that for a minute. You were born to be phenomenal. Just think of all the things you can accomplish if you just put a little more effort into each and every day.

I want to challenge you for just 1 day. Go through an entire day without complaining once. When the urge to complain comes up - stop and ask yourself why you're complaining in the first place. Do that, and see how much happier you are. Once you conquer a day, try a full week. No complaints.

So, I'll ask again. What the hell are you complaining about now?

Thanks for reading and have an awesome day! Keep doing what you love.

- Chad Addie

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